Data-based Methods for Effective Product- and System-Development and Evolution

Software-intensive systems consist of a large number of interacting hardware and software components and, where applicable, services provided by such systems. Software-intensive systems have to meet different requirements: starting with the fast and broad availability in the market, flexibility and adaptability to user wishes up to the fulfillment of requirements regarding the reliability of the systems. Such systems are nowadays developed in situation-specific combinations of different software and system development frameworks, methods and practices.

The research group "Data-based Methods for Effective Product- and System-Development and Evolution" focuses on the development process for software-intensive systems. With the help of methods from the areas of Process Engineering and Data Science (as parts of empirical software engineering), different development approaches are analyzed, developed, introduced, continuously adapted/optimized and analyzed for their appropriateness. Core topics of the research group are therefore highly adaptable development processes, which are introduced and applied at the organizational level (e.g. as a software process line) and at the project level (e.g. as an adapted standard process). Flexibility and adaptability are supported by flexible technical and methodical tools.


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