Digitization Lab

The digitization laboratory offers students, pupils and company partners a space in which new ideas and teams are forged.

Together you will develop ideas further and be able to implement the first prototypes. Through this interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary concept, you look outside the box and get to know the different facets of digitized technologies.

In addition to an active partner network, the digitization laboratory offers you support from our experts and good work infrastructure with flexible office workplaces, internet access, printers, meeting rooms and conference rooms, as well as more specialized facilities, such as a soldering work workstation or the creative laboratory.

Have you become curious? Interested? Feel invited to drop in!
Develop your ideas or collaborate on other exciting projects.

We offer all interested parties an open door, please contact infosilverlabsde or a contact person directly.

Contact in the lab:

Dirk Herrling, Clausthal-Zellerfeld (+49 5323 - 72 7179)
Diana Hoffmeister, Goslar (+49 5321 - 3816 8266)


  • Flexible workplaces for all interested parties
  • Several Raspberry Pis with extensive actuators and sensors
  • 5 Pi tops for the mobile experimental building kits
  • Bookable meeting and conference rooms
  • Hardware and soldering workstation