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  • Seit 2012 wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter an der TU-Clausthal
  • 2012: Abschluss Master of Science Informatik / Mobile Systeme


  • Software System Engineering
  • Model Based Development
  • Requirements Engineering


  • Axel Grewe, Marcel Ibe, Frank Nehuis, Andreas Rausch, Thomas Vietor: Development of a modeling language to connect features, functions and components. Procedia Computer Science 2014
  • Andreas Rausch, Oliver Brox, Axel Grewe, Marcel Ibe, Stefanie Jauns-Seyfried, Christoph Knieke, Marco Körner, Steffen Küpper, Malte Mauritz, Henrik Peters, Arthur Strasser, Martin Vogel, Norbert Weiss: Managed and Continuous Evolution of Dependable Automotive Software Systems. IAV Symposium 2014
  • Axel Grewe, Christoph Knieke, Marco Körner, Andreas Rausch, Mirco Schindler, Arthur Strasser, and Martin Vogel: Automotive Software Systems Evolution: Planning and Evolving Product Line Architectures. IARIA ADAPTIVE 2017
  • Axel Grewe, Christoph Knieke, Marco Körner, Andreas Rausch,Mirco Schindler, Arthur Strasser, and Martin Vogel: Automotive Software Product Line Architecture Evolution: Extracting, Designing and Managing Architectural Concepts. International Journal on Advances in Intelligent Systems 2017
  • David Inkermanna, Tobias Huth, Thomas. Vietor, Axe. Grewe, Christoph Knieke, Andreas Rausch: Model-Based Requirement Engineering to Support Development of Complex Systems. CIRP Design Conference 2019